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Growing Orchids Month by Month

Growing Orchids in St. Augustine Month by Month
Monthly Checklists for North Florida

Monthly Checklist for growing orchids, includes liberal amounts of information from Robert M. Scully's month by month checklists originally published in the AOS Bulletin and book Growing Orchids, and Ned Nash and James Rose's checklists published in the AOS Bulletin and archived on the AOS website.
Orchid Growing Tips by Courtney Hackney

Orchid Growing Tips
by Dr. Courtney Hackney

For many years Dr. Courtney Hackney wrote a monthly Orchid Growing Tips column. We have archived his articles starting in the early 2000's. He now writes an occasional column to keep us apprised of his new discoveries.
Florida Orchid Growing Month by Month

Florida Orchid Growing Month by Month
by Dr. Martin Motes

This month's Progress of the Season from Martin Motes' monthly newsletter along with month by month recommendations from his book Florida Orchid Growing. Click on the subscription link if you'd like to be added to the Motes Notes newsletter distribution list.
Orchid Culture Articles by Sue Bottom

Orchid Culture Articles
by Sue Bottom

Sue Bottom writes articles about basic orchid culture in the St. Augustine area. Many articles have appeared in the SAOS newsletter and they are archived here.
Cymbidium Growing Tips by Harry McElroy

Cymbidium Growing Tips for North Florida
by Harry McElroy, the Cymbidium Man

SAOS Member Harry McElroy shares his secrets for how he grows those incredible cymbidiums. Trick number one is selecting plants that are warm growers, see his articles on cymbidiums suitable for our area.
Jan Feb Staking the Emerging Flower Spike
Mar Apr Browning Leaves Mean Cultural Problem
May Jun Fertilizing Cymbidiums
Jul Aug Summer Care for Future Blooms
Sep Oct Potting Mix - Getting Ready for Spring
Nov Dec Cymbidiums in Cold Weather