Orchid Culture - Courtney Hackney's Orchid Tips

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A Compendium of Courtney's Growing Tips

Orchid Culture Tips

General Orchid Culture
Water and Fertilizer

Orchid Pots

Orchid Pots and Containers

The Best Pots for Your Orchids - Feb 09
Clay vs. Plastic Pots - Dec 06
Degraded Baskets - Oct 03
Orchids in Baskets - Nov 03
Orchid Roots

Orchid Roots

Growing Orchid Roots - Jun 10
Wandering Roots - Jan 08
Orchid Root Detective - Dec 07
Stimulating Orchid Roots - Feb 06
Temperature and Air Movement
Pests and Diseases
Pests and Diseases
Other Orchid Growing Considerations

Specific Genera

Specific Genera

Seasonal Tips

Spring Orchid Growing Tips
Summer Orchid Growing Tips
Fall Orchid Growing Tips
Winter Orchid Growing Tips