SAOS Culture Class for Beginners

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A culture class is held from 6 to 6:30 before the main meeting, in the pavilion across from the meeting hall. There will be a short talk on orchid growing basics followed by an open discussion. Great for the new grower! The handouts are archived here.

2023 Culture Classes

Know What Your Grow - Orchid Names and Pronunciations - Jan 23

2020 Culture Classes

Selecting Plants - Jan 20
Bud Blast and Flower Blighting - Feb 20
Staking Orchid Flowers - Mar 20
Plan to Build an Orchid Tree - Aug 20

2019 Culture Classes

Understanding Your Plant Tag - Aug 19
What to Do with Dendrobium Keikis - Sep 19
How to Get Your Phalaenopsis to Bloom - Oct 19
Cold Tolerance of Different Orchids - Nov 19