SAOS Photographs - Monthly Meetings, Keiki Club, Orchid Shows and Festivals
Photographs and Videos of SAOS Activities in 2018

August     Cattleya Culture with Steve Hawkins    
July     Navigating the SAOS Website with Sue Bottom   
June     Mounting Orchids with George Hausermann    
May     Brassavola nodosa and Its Hybrids with Vern Bloch     Redland Festival       
April     Phalaenopsis with Phillip Hamilton     SAOS Picnic and Orchid Swap   
March     Bulbophyllums with Bill Thoms     Keiki Club - Repotting     Jacksonville Orchid Society Show    
February     Native Orchids of the Eastern US with Mark Rose    
January     Hawaiian Grown Orchids with Ben Oliveros     Tamiami Orchid Festival