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Plant Tag Abbreviations

Putting in an Orchid Show Exhibit

Here are some tips for preparing your orchids for a show.
For some great guidance, check out Greg Allikas' short course on putting in an exhibit:
Master Class
AOS Point Scale
Color Flow
How Much Do I Need

Plant Tag Abbreviations

Plant Names and Abbreviations

Abbreviations for Intergeneric Crosses, MidAmerica Orchid Congress
Orchid Naming Conventions, First Rays
Pronounce Orchid Names, Orchids for Dummies
Find Parentage by Orchid Name, Royal Horticultural Society
Find Orchids by Parentage, Royal Horticultural Society
Nomenclatural Notes, New World Orchidaceae

Orchid Supplies

Orchid Supplies

Calwest Tropical, Carmichael, CA
OFE International, Miami, FL
rePotme.com, Georgetown, DE
Tropical Plant Products, Orlando, FL

Wallpaper from www.orchidworks.com

Screensavers & Wallpapers

Desktop Backgrounds, Greg Allikas, OrchidWorks.com

Orchid Mall

Orchid Sites

The Orchid Mall
The Orchid Wire

Orchid Board
Discussion Forums

American Orchid Society on Facebook
River Valley Orchidwork's Orchid Talk
Orchid Board
Slipper Orchid Forum


Orchid Computer Programs

OrchidWiz Encyclopedia
Email us if you have a question about your orchid

Local Orchid Growers

Have an uncontrollable urge to stroll through a greenhouse to see orchids in bloom and perhaps bring some home?  Here are some local growers:  
JAXMA Greenhouses
Donnie Kim
6440 US Highway 17 South
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043

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