St. Augustine Orchid Society Library
St. Augustine Orchid Society Library

SAOS Library

The St. Augustine Orchid Society has a lending library available for use by its members. Resources include books, DVDs, periodicals and equipment, click on the link to access the current library list. SAOS librarian Bea Orendorff brings a selection of books to each meeting. If you wish to borrow an item from the library, please email Bea in advance so she can bring your item to the meeting.

What's New in the SAOS Library

Lending Procedures
You have a month to enjoy any item you check out. You are expected to return it at the next meeting unless you make alternative arrangements. In the unfortunate circumstance that you misplace or lose an item, you are expected to pay the replacement cost.

Orchids Bulletin

AOS Bulletin/Orchids Magazine
American Orchid Society
We have issues dating back to 1959 thanks to the donation from Thelma Nettles of her late husband Derl's collection. Feel free to request any issue of Orchids.

Orchid Digest

Orchid Digest
Orchid Digest Corporation
Our subscription to the quarterly publication the Orchid Digest began in July of 2008. Feel free to request any issue of the Orchid Digest.


Light Meter
We have a light meter available to members to check their growing areas. Here are the instructions for how to use the meter.

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