Odontoglossums, Cochliodas and Their Hybrids

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Colm. Catatante 'Pacific Sunspots'
PHOTO 213-9
Colm. (Ons.) Catatante 'Pacific Sunspots'

Colm. (Onc.) Jungle Monarch 'Pacific Pride'
PHOTO 199-8
Colm. (Onc.) Jungle Monarch 'Pacific Pride'
Colm. (Onc.) Ruth's Rainbow
PHOTO 188-7
Colm. (Onc.) Ruth's Rainbow 'Over the Rainbow'

Colm. Space Race 'Coco'
PHOTO 171-5
Colm. (Onc.) Space Race 'Coco'

Colm. Succubus 'Dragon Dreck'
PHOTO 159-7
Colm. (Ons.) Succubus 'Dragon Dreck'

Colm. Wildcat 'Bobcat' AM/AOS
PHOTO 113-8
Colm. (Ons.) Wildcat 'Bobcat' AM/AOS

Colm. Wildcat 'Green Valley'
PHOTO 118-5
Colm. (Ons.) Wildcat 'Green Valley'

Wils. Golden Afternoon
PHOTO 162-9
Wils. (Onc.) Golden Afternoon


We continue to use the genus names per Sanders. There have been many changes in taxonomy accepted by the RHS and AOS where some species have been reclassified into different genera affecting intergenerics like Colmanara (Colm.), Oncidium (Onc.), Oncostele (Ons.) and Wilsonara (Wils.). In the hope of avoiding confusion, we also show the new genus names in parentheses where different from Sanders nomenclature.