Events - Monthly Meetings of the St. Augustine Orchid Society
Orchid Events - Monthly Meetings of the St. Augustine Orchid Society
The meeting begins with a plant sale at 6:30 pm. At 7:00 there is a brief discussion of club business, then Courtney Hackney discusses the plant table and there is a short refreshment break and plant sales. The program presentation by a commercial orchid grower or recognized orchid expert begins at 8:00 and lasts for around 45 minutes. The meeting closes with a plant raffle and auction where members can expand their collections. Members bring their orchids for display on the monthly show table. If you have some divisions or extra plants you would like to share, feel free to put them on raffle table. It's fun and informative for beginner and experienced growers. Visitors are always welcome.

When:   First Tuesday* of Each Month at 6:30 pm
*We reschedule the January and July meetings to the second Wednesday so our members can spend New Years and Independence Day with family and friends.
Where:   Watson Realty, Conference Room by Back Parking Lot
3505 US 1 South in St Augustine

2019 Programs

January 9 - Cattleya Collecting for the 21st Century
Dave Off, Waldor Orchids
Date changed to 2nd Wednesday

   Our meeting has been rescheduled so we could feature Dave Off of Waldor Orchids, who is travelling down to Tamiami for the big show this weekend. Known on his blog as the OrchidNerd and sometimes as the action hero Captain Orchid Plants, Dave is focused on the best cultural practices for the heirloom cattleya collection he manages. He will talk about the methods and reasoning in building your cattleya collection.
   Dave Off is the third generation of Offs specializing in growing cattleyas, cymbidiums and other orchids at Waldor Orchids in Linwood, New Jersey. Waldor Orchids was started by Dave’s grandfather in 1925 (originally Brighton Florist) and continued by Dave’s late father Walter. Waldor Orchids’ mission: to continue George Off’s legacy by preserving his old-time collection and selecting the very best of anything new. Waldor Orchids not only is growing in this century but continues the traditions of the family, growing well and being inventive.
February 5 - Cattleyas of the Andes
Gene Crocker, Prior Hybridizer at Carter and Holmes Orchids

   Cattleyas remain the most beautiful of all orchids. Gene Crocker put together this program for the cattleya lovers at the annual Cattleya Symposium in Fort Pierce. It focuses on Andean cattleya species and some of their notable hybrids.
   Gene Crocker developed an early interest in hybridizing. The creative aspects of orchid breeding have been very enjoyable and rewarding, always giving something to anticipate. For 25 years he has carried on the breeding program at Carter and Holmes started in the 1950's by Bill Carter. Many of his hybrids have been awarded by the AOS.

March 5 - Tolumnias, the Equitant Oncidiums
Daryl Venables, Tezula Plants

Daryl will talk to us about Tolumnias, those petite plants with brightly colored flowers that used to be called Equitant Oncidiums. The key to growing Tolumnias is understanding their natural habitat, growing on twigs where they are exposed to bright light and air movement. Moisture is provided by high humidity and by daily rain showers or heavy dews. Due to constant air movement by the trade winds, plants never remain wet for long. Daryl will share all his cultural hints and tips with us. He has acquired quite a large collection and he will have many offerings for us from his breeding efforts. Feel free to preorder from his website for delivery at the meeting.
April 2 - Judging the Plants on the Show Table
Courtney Hackney

   We all enjoy Courtney's review of all the plants on the show table. He somehow manages to weave a story about commonalities in hydridizing, habitat, etc. and gives plenty of orchid cultural information.
    Courtney's will then talk about what American Orchid Society judges look for when giving cultural and flower quality awards, the differences between ribbon and award judging, etc. Courtney will select some potentially awardable plants from the show table, to talk about their desirable qualities and how the flower presentation might have been improved. Should be fun and informative for all.
    AOS Judge Eric Cavin has invited us to visit the AOS judging center in Clermont on April 13th to learn more about the judging process. Eric will provide an introduction of the judging process to club members that make the trip and let them observe the judging process There will be a signup sheet at the Welcome Table for interested members, perhaps to carpool.
May 7 - Laelia purpurata and its Hybrids
Vern Bloch, Prior Owner of Palm Bay Orchid Range

Vern will talk about Laelia purpurata, one of the finest of all cultivated orchids. In addition to its large showy flowers, it has one of the widest ranges of color forms. There are probably more named clones of L. purpurata than any other Laelia or Cattleya species. This species is used extensively in hybridizing and Vern has amassed a nice collection of the species and hybrids. Vern will be sending us a list of all the plants he has available so you can preorder, as well as purchase others from his sales table. Vern operated the Palm Bay Orchid Range and has conducted programs for numerous orchid societies.
June 4 - Novelty Brassavola/Cattleya Alliance Breeding-Spiders & Stars
Allen Black, Allen Black Orchids

Our featured speaker, Allen Black, will give his 'Spiders and Stars' talk on novelty Brassavola/Cattleya alliance breeding. Allen is a hobbyist orchid grower and breeder who specializes in Brassavola-Cattleya alliance novelty hybrids. If you are growing weary of the meristem, more-of-the-same, big, round, cattleyas, if you want some that are “different, unique, or exciting," this presentation is for you! With lots of beautiful pictures we'll talk about the Brassavola species like B. cucullata, some primary hybrids and other wild and wonderful brassavola and cattleya alliance hybrds. Allen will be selling orchids. He's bringing seedlings of some of his most recent crosses.
July 10 - Esmeralda: Bewitching Doritis Species and Hybrids
Tom Wise, Johns Island Orchids
Date changed to 2nd Wednesday

    Tom will talk about the Esmeralda section Phalaenopsis, which includes the lovely Doritis pulcherimma. This species is a prolific summer blooming Phalaenopsis. It is very distinctive in its growth and flowering patterns and produces beautiful Doritaenopsis hybrids. The taxonomists continue to torture us, reclassifying this as a phalaenopsis, but we will continue to ignore them.
   Tom has been growing and enjoying orchids for over 25 years. With an abundance of divisions from his specimen plants, he started Johns Island Orchids, and specializes in orchids well suited to our hot and humid southern climate.
August 6 - Hybridizing Our Orchids
Jim Roberts, Florida SunCoast Orchids

    Jim will talk about how orchid hybrids are made and what it takes to see them through to flowering. He will show how orchids are pollinated, talk about how the seed is flasked under sterile conditions and then deflasked when the plantlets can survive on their own. His talk includes a demonstration of deflasking orchids with seedlings given to club members for a competition grow.
    Jim grows his beauties in three gutter connected greenhouses encompassing 10,000 square feet of growing space. As always, he strives to grow and sell the best quality orchid plants and to build a lasting reputation in the industry as one of the very best.

September 3 - Brazilian Catasetums
Francisco Miranda, Miranda Orchids

Francisco Miranda is a world renowned Brazilian taxonomist that will be talking to us about Brazilian Catasetum species. Their distribution and habitats will be discussed, many from the Amazon, to help us understand where and why the plants live where they do. He will also discuss flower dimorphism, a very interesting feature of the genus, showing both male and female flowers.

October 1 - Recommended Species for Florida
Thanh Nguyen, Springwater Orchids

Thanh will talk about the best orchid species to grow in Florida. Ever wonder why some orchids do better in Florida than others? You would think that all types would love Florida! But not so! Find out which are the best suited orchids to Florida's climate at this upcoming seminar. Thanh Nguyen, owner of Springwater Orchids in Melbourne, is an engineer by trade, and has been collecting and growing orchids for over 25 years selling on the internet and at orchid shows.
November 5 - Orchid Growing Tips
Courtney Hackney, Hackneau's Art and Orchids

Crowd favorite Courtney Hackney will present his Orchid Growing Tips to the club. Courtney believes their is great value in learning how plants grow in nature so you can mimic the conditions in their natural habitat.  The most imporant sign of your success with orchids is a great root system, that will allow your plant to flower to its maximum potential. Watering, air movement and common problems will all be discussed.
December 3 - Christmas Orchid Auction

We’re looking forward to our Christmas party and auction where we get to kick back, have fun and spread holiday cheer with our orchid buddies... and come home with orchids. Hope to see you there!

Christmas orchid auction Our Christmas orchid auction is on our normal first Tuesday meeting night.

Christmas orchid auction We’ll meet at the Memorial Lutheran Church on US 1 (just south of Tractor Supply). Drive around to the back, closest to the hall entrance. We'll be there setting up around 5:30.

Christmas orchid auction We’ll start our social hour at 6:30 pm. This will give us a chance to exchange holiday cheer before we hit the vittles.

Christmas orchid auction Bring your beverage of choice. The club will provide the low octane water, iced tea and coffee, but if you enjoy a cuppa with your meal, feel free!

Christmas orchid auction One thing that hasn’t changed is all the good food. Wonder what Lady Di will conjure up for the main courses this year!

Christmas orchid auction Bring a dish to round out the meal. Salads, potato and pasta side dishes, vegetable side dishes and desserts have been big favorites in years gone by.

Christmas orchid auction We’ll finish up the evening with an orchid auction where you can bid on a nice variety of different types of orchids.

When:   Tuesday, December 3, 6:30 til 9 pm
Where:   Memorial Lutheran Church
3375 US 1 South, St. Aug 32086