My Favorite Orchid
My Favorite Orchid
SAOS Members Describe Their Favorite Orchids
Members are encouraged to write about their favorite orchids for the newsletter. We archive the newsletter articles here. Let us know if you would like to share your favorite orchid or orchids.

My Favorite Orchid, The Catasetinae

Sue Bottom
The Catasetinae

HaHaHa! It’s like asking which is your favorite child. Cattleyas are my overall favorite for their showy and fragrant blooms. Every month brings new and different cattleyas into bloom and each month I’d tell you a different cattleya is my favorite... read more (Dec 12)

My Favorite Orchid, Ghost Orchid

Mary Colee
The Dearly Departed Orchids

When I was asked to write “What is your favorite orchid?” I thought it would be easy. Being the newbie I am, the standard answer would be “One I haven't killed yet!” but I needed my own answer. So notepad in hand I headed out... (Jul 13)
photo courtesy of Keith Davis

My Favorite Orchid, All of Them

Penny Halyburton
I Love Them All

A simple request: “Would you write “My Favorite Orchid” article for the newsletter?” After much thought, I conclude that one either has a favorite orchid or one does not. I obviously fit into the “does not” category. (May 13)

My Favorite Orchid, Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis

Mike Heinz
Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis

When I was asked to do this article I had several ideas as how to answer the question. The first answer might have been “my first orchid” which I believe was C. Bow Bells... read more (Oct 12)

My Faorite Orchid, Cym. John William Easton

Harry McElroy
Cymbidium John William Easton

When we search our minds to name our favorite orchid it soon becomes apparent that we are searching for a moving target. My first favorite orchid, like most orchid lovers, was a cattleya... read more (Nov 12)

My Faorite Orchid, Den. speciosum

Dick Roth   
Dendrobium speciosum

My favorite orchid… Wow, that is a hard choice for me. I have been growing orchids for over 50 years and have had so many great ones. Lots were awarded and some were spectacular and all were beautiful... read more (Jan 13)

My Faorite Orchid, Raffle Plants

Yvonne and Bob Schimmel   
Raffle Plants

Selecting a favorite orchid is a difficult task. I like vandas and their hybrids with ascocentrums, etc. A vanda was one of the first orchids I ever purchased and I proceeded to kill it through ignorance... read more (May 14)

My Faorite Orchid, Milt. moreliana

Lola Stark   
Miltonia moreliana

I don’t really have one favorite orchid. If it grows and blooms, it’s today’s favorite. Somewhere along the line I was advised to buy at least one orchid in bloom every month of the year, and since most bloom just once a year, that takes care of having one in bloom year round... read more (Feb 13)

My Faorite Orchid, Tolumnias

Linda Stewart   

When asked to write about my favorite orchid for the newsletter, I had to really stop to think about it. I love miniatures of all types, particularly varieties of Aerangis and the wonderfully fragrant Neofinetia hybrids. But probably the orchids I have enjoyed the longest are the Tolumnias... read more (Mar 13)